Get to know more about Vital Prairie Electric, and the services you can expect.

How long will I have to wait for an electrician?
We will call 30 minutes before arrival. An electrician will arrive within a 15 minute window. You will not have to wait hours.
Will I lose power during the work?
In some cases we may have to disconnect power. You will be informed by the electrician, and arrangements for temporary power, or timing a shut down around your schedule will be made.
Can I ask the electrician to do additional work once they arrive, even though I didn't talk about it when I phoned?
Absolutely. We will put it in writing, and get it done.
Are the electricians licensed, and will permits be pulled?
Yes. Without question.
Can I watch the electrician work, and ask questions?
Sure, and we'll be happy to explain the work being done for you. Just don't walk under the electrician's ladder. If work may be dangerous, the electrician will inform you and keep you safe.
How do I prepare for the electrician?
Clear a path to the electrical panel and any area where work must be done. Please keep loved pets and children at a safe distance.
Is there a warranty?
Yes. A one year warranty on all our work, plus additional years for material if a manufacturer covers it. Why should you have to deal with a manufacturer? Let us do it.
How can I pay?
Payment can be made by cash, cheque, bank draft, e-transfer, debit, credit. Jobs over $1000 can be financed and paid off via a payment plan.